Laser therapy - a relatively painless procedure that removes bacteria and infected tissue from inside of the gums - can help improve your oral health and is a great instrument for treating periodontal disease.

Laser therapy works by inserting a small fiber between the gum and tooth and then directing a small amount of laser energy into the area. This laser energy aids in reducing the bacteria associated with periodontal disease.

After the area is thoroughly cleaned, the affected area can naturally heal. Ask your hygienist at your next appointment about laser therapy.

Laser therapy is also useful in the treatment of cold sores to minimize their discomfort, shorten healing time, and eliminating the need for topical treatments or prescription drugs. Click here to more information on cold sore treatment.

Laser therapy | LAUREL DENTAL

At our clinic, we use laser technology for a variety of applications that provide quality treatment for our patients. For instance, laser can improve your smile, especially in cases where gingival modifications are needed to create a beautiful smile and allow less gum showing. Using laser allows us to provide treatments with less bleeding and faster healing than using scalpel and sutures.

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